The Fraser Valley of Western Canada is not only a lovely place to live but also a wonderful place to farm. Did you know that the Fraser Valley brings in more than half of British Columbia’s annual agricultural revenue and has done so for many years? That’s right. It’s a ripe, rich, productive farming area with an abundance of land protected by the province’s Agricultural Land Reserve, which assures that farming remains a priority in those spaces. That means farming is a legacy that’s likely to continue here.

Living and working in such an agriculturally-rich region is important to area residents and businesses. As a custom builder, Bowline Construction also recognizes the importance of our farms and, as such, has designed and built many barns and agricultural buildings that support our farmers and provide them with well-built structures that will last for decades to come.

Choosing a structure and style

Whether you’re new to farming or it’s been in your family for decades, you no doubt recognize that it’s important to build strong structures – like barns – that can serve a variety of purposes for the farmer and his workers.

As you ponder building a new barn or replacing an old one, how do you begin? Who can advise you on the size and style of your structure and how do you know what’s right for your operation?

Bowline Construction can help you choose the right barn or agricultural structure by assisting you from the beginning of the project until the last board is nailed into place and your barn is ready for use. We can help you choose the correct style of structure, from simple post-and-beam garns to those that are much more elaborate.

Do you enjoy classic barn architecture? Something a little rustic? We can do that for you! Or maybe you’re in search of something a little more modern, with sleeker lines, lots of windows, and contemporary touches? We can offer you that as well. Our plans and designs run the gamut from simple to quite extravagant and can be altered so that you get exactly what you want.

Some barns require room for tractors and other large equipment. Others function as stables and places for other livestock and may require stalls, tack rooms, feed rooms, and plenty of room for hay storage. Some barns even include living spaces for farm or ranch hands.

The designers at Bowline can certainly include all of those things in the plans for your barn or other agricultural building, working with you to provide the elements you need while also keeping in mind both your budget and your timeline.

And how about other things that are important to you, like sustainability?  No problem. We can help you create a “greenbarn” that offers all the things you stand for by using recycled items, reflective roofing, low-VOC stains, and other elements that are kind to the Fraser Valley environment. Our modern building techniques are in line with caring for the earth and making as little impact as possible.

Raising the bar and raising your barn

Bowline Construction is well-known in the area for its quality homes, renovations, and agricultural builds. The company takes pride in its commitment to offer superior structures to area farmers and others who require agricultural buildings for a variety of uses.

With experience and education in business and construction management and advanced certifications in carpentry, the owners and managers of the company have committed to being involved in each stage of your project and are consistently hands-on participants as building progresses, whether that means applying for permits, purchasing supplies, or literally helping with onsite construction.

That commitment to excellence also involves the hire of tradespeople and the use of suppliers that have shown a similar commitment. When it’s time to build your barn, Bowline understands that you want only the best supplies for your structure and the best people to put them together to form a building you’ll love. That’s why we use only the finest and don’t hesitate to make changes if someone falls short of our expectations.


Are you ready to discuss plans for your barn or other agricultural structure? Contact Bowline Construction for a no-obligation consultation and learn what Bowline can offer you. Send us a message through the link on this website or call us at 778.808.3725 to set up an appointment.