Got a large piece of land? If so, maybe you’ve thought about building an additional structure on your property. It’s a great idea. A coach house or detached garage can provide you with extra living space. OR they can offer you an opportunity to make some extra money as rental properties.

Let’s consider the options.

What’s a coach house?

A coach house (sometimes called a carriage house) is sort of a blast from the past thought they’re still quite popular.

Generally, a coach house is a two-story structure that includes a garage (or garages) on the first level and a living area on the second. In the old days, the first level was usually a horse stable, hence the name coach or carriage. With the stables below and the living quarters above, owners could be sure that their animals were safe since they were just steps away at all times.

The design of your coach house can be similar to your “main” home or existing property. Your builder can use the same materials (brick, stone, etc.) and can either match or complement the style of your principal house. Many landowners who build a carriage house on their land opt to make it a sort of “mini” version of their main property.

Even though the days of carriages have passed, coach houses are still popular. Often times, property owners will use the garage portion of the building for storage and rent out the upper level to tenants. It’s a great way to make some extra money and convenient, too. Because the coach house is actually on your property, you won’t have to go far to perform maintenance checks or other things required of a landlord.

Of course, you can also rent out the entire structure if you wish. A place to live AND garage/storage space can pull a pretty good rental price and help offset the cost of your mortgage or other expenses.

What’s a detached garage?

If you currently live in a home where space is running low, you might be considering a detached garage. Unlike an “attached” garage, which shares at least one wall with your house, a detached garage is totally separate. It can sit as close or as far from your house as your space permits.

Because it’s not attached to your house, it can take on just about any shape. If your lot is long and skinny, your detached garage can be crafted to fit the area. If you have a wide, spacious lot, your detached garage can be sizeable with plenty of room for both cars and other items, including lawn equipment.

Not unlike a coach house, a detached garage can have a living area or other space on top of it. You can consider using that extra square footage for any number of purposes. Some people make it a gym while others use it as a playroom for their kids or a secluded office for working from home.

Detached garages can add character to your property as the design options are unlimited. You can opt for it to match your home (most people do) or you can do something a bit different. Talk to your architect about possibilities for design.

Which is right for me?

If you’ve been considering a detached garage or coach house, you might wonder which is best. The answer is: the one that fits your needs. If you really want a tenant property, a coach house might be the way to go. If storage is more of a concern, the detached garage could be the best option.

Talk to the experts at Bowline Construction and peruse some photos of past projects we’ve done to get an idea of some of your options. Make a list of the primary reasons for adding an extra structure to your property.

Do you want to be a landlord? Do you need space for aging parents or another family member? Are you tired of sharing your home office with the kids? Are you simply out of storage space? All of these could be reasons why building a coach house or a detached garage could work for your lifestyle. To discuss your plans further, call us at 778-808-3725.