A recent report came out from BC Hydro entitled, ‘Room for Improvement: why British Columbians are experiencing renovation regret after making home upgrades’. The report found that over half of British Columbians have done home renovations since the COVID-19 pandemic began. What it also found, however, is that many home owners, especially those who did the work themselves, shared that they would do things differently if they were given the chance to do it again.

Home owners have been prone to take on some renovations themselves due to COVID-19 – and we have certainly seen this trend throughout 2020. With the feedback found in this survey, it is clear that some DIY projects may not reach full design potential.

With that said, we also understand the need to be confident in protocols related to cleanliness. If you are considering home renovations this year, know that we are committed to keeping your family safe.


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1. We are abiding and complying to all city regulations 

Since the start of COVID-19, areas like the City of Vancouver changed their approach to building, development and application enquiries. All such enquiries are taken online or by phone, with all physical drawings and plans approached in the same way. Should we need to access the service centre for appointments, we always wear masks when entering facilities.


2. We will always respect physical distancing

When approaching a project and coming on-site, we will always respect social distancing while wearing masks. We understand that entering your property or home is a decision you do not take lightly.


3. Before starting work, we maintain the highest level of cleanliness

Washing our hands with soap and water, ensuring we always have sanitizer nearby, plenty of disinfectant wipes and personal protective equipment are just a few of the preventative measures we take when we begin a project.


4. We reduce carpooling to a minimum 

When approaching a job site, we will always ensure that our team reduces transportation and carpooling as much as possible. Similarly, if any one of our team shows symptoms, we will ensure that the individual(s) receive COVID-19 testing and are not present on the job site during this period of waiting for results.


5. As a business, we have a legal obligation to protect our employees

We, like you, want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. As an employer, we have a legal obligation to take all necessary steps to protect our team. With the aforementioned sanitary procedures, in addition to frequent screening questionnaires, we are committed to the health and safety of our team throughout each and every workday.

We are proud to work with projects throughout the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. If you have been considering a renovation project through this past year, we understand the complexity of making such a decision. Rest assured, we at Bowline Construction are committed to the safety and cleanliness of our team and our clients.

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