As the days are becoming longer, we are dreaming of warm evenings on our patios. These dreams, fuelled by a little more Vitamin D then we might be used to while living here in the Pacific Northwest, are generating creativity for the Summer months ahead. Recently, creativity has been in the form of planning ahead for new outbuildings and shops projects in the Spring and Summer.


What are outbuildings used for?

Multi-purpose buildings, such as outbuildings or shops, are designed as free-standing structures that have the intention of accommodating a wide variety of your needs. These could be in the form of large sheds, machine storage sheds, room for a mechanic to perform their duties, storage for tractors and much more. Outbuildings are used on commercial farms, ranches or personal wide plots of land, while shops can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.


Why consider outbuildings and shops for the upcoming months ahead?

Whether you are looking for a commercial solution, or a home solution, outbuildings and shops provide a great deal of opportunity,

For commercial purposes, such as farms, machinery or other industries benefiting from a new space, a shop could become a place where you can organize the ‘clutter’ in your business.

We have worked with storage and shops that are created for everything from large trailers, to those that have a coach house built above for potential rental opportunity.

For personal or home purposes, a custom designed storage building is an excellent solution for added space, especially for those who spend a great deal of time outdoors.


Why build custom outbuildings and shops versus purchasing a ready-made plan or option?

At Bowline Construction, we work with our clients to develop completely customized solutions. We understand that you have unique requirements and specifications, regardless of commercial or home purposes.

Before we begin any project, we work with you to visualize and design the solution that works best for your work or lifestyle. This may mean that we collaborate on a simple design, or it could mean that ultra extravagance is what you are searching for.

We then source the materials that match the precise look and feel you are envisioning. Some of our clients search for overhead roll-up doors to accommodate their trailer, for example, while others are looking for insulated garage doors to ensure the custom shop is well suited for the Winter.

Building a custom solution for your business or personal home is essential to getting what you need out of the project. Through this process, we match your goals with the solution.


Why partner with a professional to build your outbuilding or shop? 

While you can endeavour to build your outbuilding or shop on your own, the easiest and safest way to move forward is to work with a professional.

Partnering with a professional will help you understand and meet the local zoning requirements, which regulate how a property can be used. Your professional partner will determine zoning bylaws alongside you, help you apply for any necessary permits, and guide you along the journey to create your dream outbuilding or shop.

A professional will also be your partner to collaborate on the design and estimating phases of the construction plan. They will be your support as you navigate documents, foundational requirements and the sourcing of materials. Navigating tradespeople, budgets and deadlines is not done alone when you make the decision to partner with a professional.


Here’s why you should work with Bowline Construction for your next outbuilding or shop project 

Bowline Construction is a “hands on” home building company. We work with you every step of the way to navigate project plans and potential obstacles together. Not only are we flexible, we also have the experience needed to offer advice on everything from foundational requirements to overall design.

We guarantee honesty and transparency throughout the process. We communicate with our clients in a clear and concise manner, so you know that we have the diligence required to keep you project on track.

As you are dreaming of your outbuilding or shop project, consider contacting us to learn more about our unique process and our commitment to you before you embark on your endeavours.