We love the City and Township of Langley for living, growing a business and enjoying recreational activities. From going for a hike in Derby Reach Regional Park to exploring the revitalized Willowbrook Shopping Mall, there are activities for everyone in your family. All the while, Langley is shifting – becoming a community where young families are raising their children in Walnut Grove, and retirement communities are offering an oasis of sorts to enjoy time with loved ones. For those who are in between, or are perhaps looking for the next great project, Langley construction for residential homes is quickly taking off.

For those who are ready to embark on a building journey, you may be at a point where you are drawing out your home vision. While our team can help you along the way, this article will share exterior home trends that we are seeing in 2021.


6 Residential Home Trends in Langley Construction

Curb appeal matters! We’ve pulled together these most popular exterior home trends that are are seeing for 2021.


1. Updated siding with dark, neutral colours 

With home construction, siding is an excellent way to bring life to a home. For this calendar year, we are seeing the return of dark, neutral colours like earthy brown, deep mustard, elegant maroon and more. There are a handful of relatively new builds in Langley that have adopted such colours, and we expect this to extend through 2021 and into next year.


2. Accents are across door trims, porch bannisters and more 

To compliment the dark and neutral home colours, we are seeing a reprise of accent trims across the exterior of the home. The most popular of which are on door trims, window trims, porch bannisters and other areas of the home. This can also work as a renovation to bring an older home into a modern exterior,


3. Investments are being made in outdoor living spaces due to COVID-19

With the global pandemic of COVID-19, we have seen a serious investment being made in outdoor spaces. Outdoor furniture set-ups are taken to the next level with additions like outdoor kitchens, grills and dining spaces that go beyond a traditional porch. As we expect this trend to continue through the Summer of 2021 to include outdoor, socially distanced gatherings, an investment in your outdoor space is a valuable use of your renovation budget.


4. High performance materials that emphasize form and function 

With the increase in new builds and renovations through 2020 and into this year, home owners are investing in high performance materials – that is, materials that are incredibly durable. With this said, style and function continue to be important.


5. Environmentally conscious materials are essential 

Nearly 70% of consumers in the United States and Canada believe it is essential that a brand is sustainable or eco-friendly. Home owners continue to make environmentally conscious choices when it comes to building homes and deciding on materials. Some decisions would potentially lead to the maximization of energy savings.


6. Unique material selection for roofing 

When building or re-investing in your home, roofing is an important decision to make. Investing in your roof could yield benefits in the long-term – who wants to deal with a leaky roof, of course! We are seeing unique material selections like metal roofs, which are more expensive than other roofing materials but can offer substantial household energy savings.


As we continue to move through 2021, we are seeing new home and renovation trends that can have a significant impact on curb appeal. For Langley construction, single family dwellings could benefit from these six trends. To learn more about new home builds or renovations, contact our team at Bowline Construction here.