When deciding to embark on a new project, be it your home or business, choosing a construction company that is reliable, dependable and with a great deal of experience in your project is important. Here at Bowline Construction, we have lead projects that range from new builds and renovations to equestrian barns and commercial buildings. We understand that this decision of who to parter with is crucial; that’s why we have compiled tips on what to look for in a construction company, including how we work here at Bowline.


First and foremost, here is what you need to look for in a construction company

In our experience, there are three crucial qualities that you need to look for in a construction company or contractor – experience, reliability, and excellent communication. We’ll share more below…


1. Look for a contractor who has the experience you need

A construction company must have experience. Completing jobs to the standard you need means that an extensive portfolio should be provided across your industry. Be sure to inquire about the contractors who will be working on your project, too, so you can have a thorough review of the team working on your project.

2. Reliability is essential

With an impressive portfolio also comes reliability. The reputation of your contractor(s) must speak for itself. Reliability can come in the form of being on time for your first appointment, to sticking to a budget. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals as you make your decision.

3. Communication can go a long, long way

Between planners, builders and other contractors working on your project, communication through a solid working relationship is key. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings, which could impact your budget and output of the project.


Once you have decided on working with Bowline Construction, here is how we work.


We live by four key principles here at Bowline: being hands-on, flexible, always on your side, and committed to transparency.

1. We are your hands-on home builders

From your initial planning stage, through to preparing your lot for construction and framing, we always keep our hands dirty. We have a commitment to ensure your home is beautiful on the outside, and structurally solid on the inside.


2. We have a commitment to you, our clients, to always be flexible

We understand that you can, sometimes, change your mind during a project. We also understand that items like budgets, personal style and design preferences can change once you see your vision unfold. That’s why we have a commitment to our clients to always be flexible.


3. We are on your side

We understand that you need support and a partner as you navigate through this significant life project! That’s why we are always on your side, whether that means offering advice on design, to support as you work through your budget to become more cost effective. We will work with you to ensure you are proud of your project every step of the way.

4. Transparency is our number one priority

It is a true privilege to work with you, so we make it a priority to communicate with transparency and honesty. We will always keep you apprised of changes, pivots or recommendations needed as we maneuver through from start to finish.


Here at Bowline Construction we have a strong commitment to ensure our clients are happy and proud of their project every single time. Deciding on a construction company is a big decision, and one that we know you do not take likely. To learn more about how we can support you making your decision, contact us at anytime through our website here,