Building your dream home is an exciting moment and time in your life. With all of the hours spent in our homes this year, there is no wonder why you may be looking to information on getting started with building your perfect abode in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland.

If this sounds like you, this is an essential time of your decision making process. You’ve determined you are going to proceed in building, you have the land ready, and now you’re looking for a partner to take this journey with you.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Building your dream home can be daunting. It is a significant project and a big task to take on – and it’s important to not to it alone. Here at Bowline Construction, we’ve worked with projects big and small to turn big dreams into reality.

If the time is now to consult with our team, we want to walk you through exactly how you can get started.


Getting Started with Bowline Construction


1. We’ll meet for the very first time 

Now, during COVID-19, we are mindful of how we will be meeting for the very first time. We can do this over phone or over video, or a socially distanced visit on your outdoor property.

We will meet with you and provide a professional consultation. We will discuss your goals and dreams, and support you with advice in the drawing stage. We will work to put your thoughts on paper, including your visions, ideas, budget and style.

We are big believers in putting visions down on paper – this is how it becomes reality.


2. Draw up plans – together 

At Bowline Construction we believe that everything must be done as a team. We will draw up plans together, putting a detailed estimate for your budget as we break down the work into line items for you. At this stage you will clearly see how your budget is being spend, including when and where. We will ensure what we present to you is everything you had imagined (and more), so before we even begin to partner, you are comfortable that we will be the best business for you as we move through this process.


3. Contract stage 

Once we agree on the best way forward, we will provide an estimate to you. We will then formulate a contract and move right into the engineering stage before they are sent to the city for permits.


4. Construction then begins 

In the fourth stage, we will begin on-site and you will have clear vision into exactly what progress is being made. We will work with you to ensure you stay on time and on budget. We commit to providing bi-weekly updates, including financial statements so you have clear visibility into what is happening and when.


5. Completion 

When construction ends, we will walk you through the completed home. We will have a meticulous, careful assessment so you can review any deficiencies or warranty issues that will need to be addressed before you and your family take over possession.

Our unique identifier? We will provide you with an album of photos taken during construction, so you can share in the memories alongside us as we close another excellent project.


Getting started and working with Bowline Construction is easy. We are so focused on customer satisfaction, so we’ve taken this five step process to make your lives simple, straightforward and ready for what is to come.

To learn more and to get started in scheduling a consultation, contact us here: 778-808-3725