With all of the time spent indoors, on our properties and within our own bubbles due to the global pandemic, you may have been dreaming of your next big project. As an equestrian lover, building a horse property from the ground up might be a daunting task, though one you are ready to take on with some extra time on your hands! Equestrian builds are an excellent project for the Fall.


Here is how to design your dream equestrian build for your property in 2020


Step 1: Hire your engineer or design professional

Visualizing and developing a new barn or build on your property can be an overwhelming task; that’s why working with a professional will help to accomplish the equestrian build you are dreaming of. When working with Bowline Construction, we will be your partner in the process to prepare you for the road ahead.


Step 2: Ensure the land is feasible 

This will be a process that your partner will help you walk through. Doing an analysis of a property is essential to make sure it is viable for the use of an equestrian build. Parts of what this will include are:

  • Zoning – are horses allowed to be on this property?
  • Irrigation – are there proper structures in place?
  • Septic placement – what do you need to know?
  • Soil conditions – is this ripe land for a build?
  • …and more


Step 3: Design your equestrian build with your professional 

Site planning with your professional is done often from a birds eye view, with all of the programming pieces included. This could be the setbacks,  the amount of space required by your city or town, easements, rights of way and more. The site plan will also include excavation work and the aforementioned drainage and necessary systems.

You will also need to determine where water is available or where it could be extended to connect to the relevant systems.


Step 4: Budget planning 

When your project enters this stage, you are working with your builder at this time. The team will meet with you to determine your project requirements and help you budget plan accordingly. How much will you need to accomplish the equestrian build of your dreams?

It is important to work with your contractor to develop a budget, as the partner you work with will understand the many elements and stages of such a project.


What to consider when designing your equestrian build


With our years of experience, here are three elements to consider when designing your equestrian build.


1. Have a spacious turnout area for the horses

Space is essential when developing a new barn for your animals. Big, open paddocks will provide the space needed for horses living together. Horses can sometimes wish to keep to themselves, especially when introducing new horses to one another.


2. Safe fencing options 

Consider using safer options, such as plastic covered wire, for your fencing. You want to avoid potential injury and lacerations at all costs, which can be a risk when looking at the more traditional wire or wood fencing.


3. Include shelter in the turnouts 

Natural shelter should be considered, such as trees and other landmarks. Horses do very well when there are options for shade and wind blocks. If natural solutions are not an option, consider building one.


Building a horse property and an equestrian build can be a lot of work, but with the right partner you can find a solution that works best for you and your family. Take it from us – that morning breakfast or cup of coffee tastes a whole lot better when sitting on your porch and watching your horses enjoy your hard work.

To learn more about developing an equestrian build for your property in 2020, contact Bowline Construction here.