Deciding to undergo a home renovation can be an arduous journey. From developing and designing your overall vision, to considering a target budget dependent on your own personal finances, home renovations can be perceived to be costly, time-consuming and a nuisance for many homeowners.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Working with clients in developing everything from new home builds to home renovations, our journey at Bowline Construction has taken us through a plethora of projects alongside homeowners just like you. 


Here are 6 reasons why renovations are a popular option for homeowners like yourself


1. Renovations can improve your home’s overall value 

According to realtors, kitchen renovations are the most likely to increase your home’s value. Consider bringing in natural light to your kitchen, updating faucets, backsplash and appliances, or increasing the space available to you by opening the room or tearing down a wall. As a gathering place or your family, kitchens are one of the most used rooms in a home. 

Second to kitchens, bathroom renovations are also a popular renovation investment. 45% of homeowners who decide to renovate their bathroom state that they “can’t stand” their own bathroom, while only 10% share that they are renovating to increase their home’s value for re-sale.


2. Increase comfort and flexibility in your home 

While many homeowners consider renovations to improve their resale value, why not consider increasing the overall enjoyment of your home? Comfort is an important factor that should not be overlooked. Renovations can make a house feel like a home, and your overall comfort and flexibility should be at the top of your priority list.


3. Consider innovative efficiencies 

New home builds are entirely focused on efficiencies, with an environmental and financial focus. Insulated windows, improvements for energy costs, new heat pumps – even smart integrations – are all considered when building a home from scratch. 

With renovations, consider how you can proactively engage with efficiencies that will not only increase the value of your home, but also provide cost-effective solutions in the long-term. Think smart thermostats, the latest in hot water boilers, and other energy-efficient solutions. 


4. Take it as an opportunity to update the interior style

If deciding to pursue an interior renovation, you may consider this to be an opportunity for an update of overall style. Often, a home can have an older, dated appearance that would benefit greatly from new trends, fresh paint, or updated marble throughout. Renovations are a popular option for homeowners because you can continue living in the comfort of your home without the additional planning of a new home build. Get creative! 


5. Perform a home analysis 

If you are planning a renovation for your home, it is worthwhile to also consider a home inspection or analysis. With contractors working with you already, you may identify potential electrical problems, cracks or foundational pieces that need to be taken care of. Protect your home, while being efficient with your time and money. 


6. Have you considered an outdoor renovation? 

When thinking about the term ‘renovation’, you likely consider internal renovations of your home immediately. Have you considered the perception of your outdoor space? 

Renovations do not need to be restricted to the aforementioned style updated, teardown of walls or expansions of rooms. Consider exterior projects that may be considered ‘smaller’ on the renovation spectrum – re-building of your exterior fence, for example, or an update to your gutter system. 


Why You Should Consider Bowline Construction 

While these 6 reasons for home renovations are some of the most popular, you may have your own reason for considering such a project. If you are in this position, you are likely looking for a partner to bring your vision to life. 

At Bowline Construction, we are “hands on” builders. From the initial planning and scope of your project, to identifying the best course of action for interior finishing, we are proud to be your one-stop solution for renovations and home builds of all sizes. We are proud to be flexible, and will work for you to achieve the renovation of your dreams, within the budget you have developed. re

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